How does Toronto Taste?


Last Thursday, Carla and I scored free tickets through our blog influence (ok work gave them to us) to the Taste of Toronto festival taking place over yonder at the Fort York grounds. What is Taste of Toronto you ask? Read More


El Furniture Warehouse is spanish for…

The Furniture Warehouse.

Morning! Welcome to our 3rd post…now we wouldn’t say it’s the best so far but we will say it’s certainly in the top 3. Special shout out to Julien “El Toro Loco” Favre and Anna “that’s quite enough shrimp on the barby” Maxfield for joining us on this adventure. Their opinions aren’t valued, wanted or represented here…but it was still nice to have them along for the ride.


Carla and I saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes then headed to a new bar on Bloor called El Furniture Warehouse. Here’s the concept – everything on the menu is $4.95 at all times.  Read More

Groupon Gastronomy

Gastronomy has something to do with food. And so does this post. We’re cheap so we need Groupon to help us eat. And we were hoping our loyal followers (our Mom’s) could choose where exactly we should go. The three choices with links to their Groupon page are listed below. Voting ends at midnight tonight. Thanks and happy hump day!


Can you smell what the Rock is cooking!?

Happy Friday er’one! From now on this will be the the day we post. You see, Carloish did some research and found that you jackasses are more likely to read if we post on Fridays. So if you’re reading this that means you totally fell into the interweb we set for you!

Summerlicious is almost over but we decided to squeeze in one last meal. So Carla finished teaching yoga, hopped on the King street car, and then sent me angry texts complaining about the state of public transit in our fine city. So I barraded her with furious replies about our hard working Toronto councilors. Then we went to Rock Lobster.

Note: I happen to be allergic to shellfish. Or at least I was and I assume I still am because one night at a party I scratched my hand with a beer cap and rubbed a shrimp tail on it and it got red and itchy. So any lobster eating was done by Snarla.

We got:

IMG_0727 Read More


When a Toronto restaurant decides to participate in “Summerlicious”, they understand that there are both advantages and disadvantages. Sure it’s nice that business picks up, but now local bottom dwellers like myself and my partner in grime can afford your food. A three course meal for $25?! Big mistake Pukka…we’re coming in hot!

Pukka is a modern Indian restaurant located on St. Clair just west of Bathurst. Carla and I rolled up after work on Friday a half hour before our reservation. It was a good thing too, because hangry Carla was morphing into dangerous Snarla so we needed to get some food in that belly fast.

Here’s what we got:

photo 1-3

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Foot Long Hot Blog is here!

Despite the fact that neither of us could ever be considered food experts (I can barely chew and breathe at the same time), myself and Carla a.k.a Carloish have decided to start a food blog. Why you ask? She likes taking pictures, I like writing words, and we both like eating.

What you WON’T find here:
•  Professional opinions based on refined palates
•  Scathing reviews of local restaurants
•  Traditional rating systems meant to judge food quality and/or presentation
•  Porn (I can’t promise I’ll try, but I’ll try to try)

What you WILL find here:
•  Some pretty damn good food photos taken by Carloish with the zooming and the focusing
•  Restaurants you can probably afford to eat at since we’re both kind of broke
•  Occasional mild racism (my partner is filipino so I have a free pass)
•  Offensive language and strong opinions without merit

That’s all for now. Welcome to the Foot Long Hot Blog.
Carla & Eric

P.S. We went through many blog names before we settled on Foot Long Hot Blog. We considered, Chili Cheese Blog, Kamafoodtra, Deviled Jpeggs, Bread and Shutter, Meat and Photatoes but ultimately we went with FLHB for two reasons. It’s a bit silly and certainly dumb, which reflects the fact that we don’t consider ourselves experts and mainly just want to have fun with this. And secondly, we wanted a name that’s witty at first, but seems less funny each time you hear it.