Can you smell what the Rock is cooking!?

Happy Friday er’one! From now on this will be the the day we post. You see, Carloish did some research and found that you jackasses are more likely to read if we post on Fridays. So if you’re reading this that means you totally fell into the interweb we set for you!

Summerlicious is almost over but we decided to squeeze in one last meal. So Carla finished teaching yoga, hopped on the King street car, and then sent me angry texts complaining about the state of public transit in our fine city. So I barraded her with furious replies about our hard working Toronto councilors. Then we went to Rock Lobster.

Note: I happen to be allergic to shellfish. Or at least I was and I assume I still am because one night at a party I scratched my hand with a beer cap and rubbed a shrimp tail on it and it got red and itchy. So any lobster eating was done by Snarla.

We got:

Carla got RL’s signature (but virgin) cocktail, the caesar with the lobster tail. I got one of them caesar’s too, but sans lobster tail (sans is french for “without”). We both thought the caesar itself was totes yums, but Carla thought the tail was pretty much just for show, aka not much flavour.


IMG_0732 IMG_0735
Carla got the lobster taco and inhaled it. I don’t really trust her opinion here because I don’t think she even chewed, but she was a fan for sure. I got the beet salad because it was the only thing I could get. And…well…it was a beet salad.


IMG_0741 IMG_0745
This part pains me…because let me just say when it comes to food…we’re both easy targets. We wanted to like it. But we didn’t. I got the fried chicken ‘n waffles. The chicken wasn’t too bad, but a little dry. The waffle though was so unbelievably bad. So dense, so dry. I checked out the cross-section because I used to be an engineer so I love cross-sections, and there was no fluffyness, no air, just a slab of flavourless batter. I will say this though, it came with fries and they were awesome.
Carla got the lobster roll with potato chips and a pickle. She gave me half the pickle which made my day. She dominated it as she tends to do, but a shrug of the shoulders was the best review she could give. I think her favourite part was when I ate a potato chip that had probably touched the lobster roll, and started to feel a little funny.


IMG_0751 IMG_0754
BOOM! WHAT UP DESSERT?! If you can’t tell it was the best part of the meal. I got the fried dough which harkened (is that how you use harken?) back to my days as a young fancy free boy at Funtown USA in Maine on family vacations. That doesn’t sound right… It was pretty good stuff. Carla’s dessert was the best though. Her’s was an oreo cookie, covered in marshmallow cream, and sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies. Amazingly she even shared it with me! It sounds good, it tasted better.

It’s time to tally the scores!
Dranks: 3 lobster tails out of 4 
App’s: 5 rock’s out of 8
Mains: 12 B52’s out of 21
Dessert: 7 Carla’s out of 9 

Total: 27 out of 42*
*still makes no sense

We’d love to hear any suggestions on how to improve, or places to go, or personal hygiene tips. And remember these words to live by, “if we didn’t get the wings, so what, we still got that meat lover’s pizza in the trunk.”  Enjoy the weekend!


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