How does Toronto Taste?


Last Thursday, Carla and I scored free tickets through our blog influence (ok work gave them to us) to the Taste of Toronto festival taking place over yonder at the Fort York grounds. What is Taste of Toronto you ask?

It’s a bunch of bomb-ass ‘straunts that set-up tents and serve a few items for $6, $8, or $10. There’s also some beer/wine tents, and other sponsors with free samples, like Oka cheese for example…

There were A-list celebs everywhere including of course me and Snarla* (*Snarla and I, sorry Mom), Carla’s sassy friends Nessa and Sheena, a few members of my soccer team, and our old pals Julien & Anna who were looking to increase their poor ranking from last time.
 As you can see Carla has done a beautiful image that shows the restaurant, the cost and what exactly it is.

Here’s a quick run-down on the food:

BLT– the best value at $10 which shows that T.O.T. is a bit of a rip-off
Hot Dog – never got a bite, so it must have belonged to Julien #nosharingorcaring
Wings – a bit disappointing especially at $8 for 3. The opposite of this.
Lobster Poutine – I can’t eat it so I’ll ask Carla. “Carla how was it?” “How was what?” “Ugh, you never pay attention.” “Why do you have to make everything a fight?” “I can’t do this right now…I just can’t.”
Burger – Hey, thanks for half of what was already a small burger for $10! Yeah it was good but I hated its attitude.

Ok quick wrap-up. Despite my whining about the price it was still a fun time. Beers were $5, there were some good free samples, and even expensive food is still food.

Here’s the score: 
Taste: 6 Toronto’s out of 9
Value: 2 Tax Free Savings Account’s out of 8
Fun: 12 of these out of 14
Julien: 4 out of 7

Julien deserved some redemption didn’t he? Total score for T.O.T. is 20/31. Tune in this Filipino Friday for a new review. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Ryan Gerald · July 30, 2014

    You gotta stop listening to all that bad grammar advice your mom is giving you, dude…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Foot Long Hot Blog · July 30, 2014



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