Reign of Fryer

Oh haaaaaaaay! Happy Friday everyone…you voted for it, so here it is. Our Groupon Gastronomy poll winner – Pearl King. Now I’m not the brightest bulb in the socket so I’ll be the first to admit I was under the impression Dim Sum was basically just dumplings. Turns out it’s Cantonese style food in small portions designed for sharing. Snarla knew already because she’s asian, therefore wise.

We had the day off work so we headed down to King and John in the mid-afternoon and grabbed a spot on the patio. Just some dim young man and his 4’11” gal pal going for Dim Sum. We got the menu and a pencil and I started to coo with delight. “Oooohhh that sounds lovely!” “Oh my we simply must try that!” Carla looked at me with contempt and cleared some room.

Here are the items we ticked off: (we didn’t make them mad, we just ordered them)
    photo 1

Honey Pepper Fried Beef Short Ribs:
Look at the picture. LOOK AT IT! Can you possibly imagine picking one of those short ribs up and it not being delicious? It’s unfathomable. The only problem was that Carla was there so I had to cram them in my craw as fast as possible just to say I had a few.

photo 2

Crispy Sesame Seed Honey Beef:
Not what we expected, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Deep fried batter surrounding pieces of beef with a honey sesame sauce. They grew on me…just like that thing I caught in Nicaragua after we went out that one night…you know what… nevermind.

photo 3

We got three of these. I got the cherry tomatoes wrapped in pork. A combo I’ve never come across before. It reminded me of the time I opened my door in University and there was a 65 year old grey-haired white man, and a 20 year old asian guy standing there. Nothing wrong with it at all…just a bit unexpected. But that’s a story for a different day…Anyways Carla got an Octopus skewer and she loved it! She tried to get me to take a bite but I did this. Then we shared a duck skewer.

photo 4

Beef Curry Samosas:
Probably our least favorite item. Not bad, but a little short on the filling and super mild. Carla can’t eat spicy food anymore because she’s a giant baby, but for people like me that are manly and burly and have a natural musk…well I could have used a little more fire.

Meat Dumplings: (No picture…you’ll find out why)
They showed up with shrimp on top. We thought they gave us the wrong ones. Apparently the meat dumplings DO come with shrimp on them so they were the right ones. They took them back and we felt bad…and then Snarla said to me “well I could have eaten them...” Things got quiet. I commented on the weather.

photo 5

Egg Tarts:
Carla was pretty pumped to get these and I of course had never had one before. She enjoyed them. I found the texture of egg in a tart a little strange at first but it grew on me…just like that time in Costa Rica when I caught this weird rash after we were partying with some sailors from…you know what…nevermind.

Wow…sorry that was a long one. If you made it all the way here congrats – your reward is the score:

Ribs: 12 Bones stripped of the cartilage by Carla out of 13
Crispy Beef: 8 post apocalyptic dragons out of 11
Skewers: 5 interesting human friendships out of 8
Samosas: 3 baby Carlas out of 5
Egg Tarts: 5 Matthew Mcconaugheys out of 7

Final score is 33/44

A good score and well deserved! Nice patio…good food…if that Groupon is still floating around I’d snatch it up. Happy Friday and go Milos!


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