Bang bang, she wrote

Hi all! Welcome to this week’s midweek post. So, this is Carla writing this time around because Eric couldn’t (didn’t want to) come along since I went to an MKTO concert last Friday (maybe he doesn’t like music in general because they were SO good) before I headed off to get ice cream at a new shop called Bang Bang Ice Cream.


Instead, I went with a prettier, funnier, Filipino girl with a bigger appetite than Eric’s tiny one. My gurlfraaand Sheena and I walked to the ice cream shop and we were surprised to find out there was a long line at 10:00pm on a Friday night. But I guess that’s the cranky old grandma in me speaking. It was almost my bedtime. Anyway, we both wanted to try this place out for a while and we got similar things in different flavours.

Here’s what we got:


Chocolate macaron with hazelnut ice cream
The macarons were delicious but a little stale. Probably because Sheena and I got the last 2 of the day, suckas! The ice cream? How is it that they turn one of the best chocolates, Ferrero Rocher into a creamy cold delicious evening dessert?! Transformers. That’s how.


Birthday macaron with raspberry and chocolate2 ice cream
Sheena got this one and it was the same thing with the macaron except I think I liked hers a little better. I should’ve stole it and finished it because despite her appetite being bigger than Eric’s, mine is still bigger than hers. I’m not big on raspberry so I let Sheena devour it on her own. I was a little jealous about the chocolate2 though because it was so creamy and had the right amount of crunch from the chocolate chips. I could eat tubs of it on my own, even though I’m not a depressed teenage girl watching chick flicks.

Other than the super long line, I think this is definitely a place I’m going to again (I went again yesterday all by my lonesome). Everything was pretty darn delicious and there was a huge variety of other flavours.

Here’s my verdict:
5 Trypohobias out of 7 (I got itchy typing that word)
Ice cream: 12 lactose Carlas out of 13
Line up: 2 fan girls out of 6 MKTOs
Time with guuuurl: ask MasterCard

There you have it, 19/26

Thanks for reading! I’m sure Eric will never let me write again because I’m “just the photographer to his blog” so soak it all in! Stay tuned this Friday for BACON.



  1. Steven Phardrake · August 13, 2014

    Carla you have awful taste in music.


  2. Ryan Gerald · August 14, 2014

    You should be careful posting about “Eric’s tiny one”. He can be awfully sensitive…


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