Swine & Cheese

Good morning! Before we start I’d just like to apologize for not posting last week. Time got the best of me and before I knew it I was snoring away at a cottage in Beaverton, Ontario, and spooning with 10 other early 30’s males at a bachelor party for my ol’ pal Nick.

Ok on to more important business. Bacon. Yeah I said it. Charla and I decided to hit up “Bacon Nation” at Queen and Spadina. They got their start as a popular food truck and blended into a restaurant as well.
Now as we all know, Snarla is an unrelenting eating machine sent back in time from the year 2029 to help rid the world of their rice overpopulation problem. However when it comes to bacon she’s not gaga. But I am. I’ve used this link before but I love it and it’s so damn applicable. Bacon is incredible on its own, plus when it’s combined with pretty much any other food you see a significant improvement. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, so let’s get to the food.
Here’s what we got:
  photo 3

Bacon Porktine: A poutine with bacon bits, a strip of bacon and pulled pork. If you’ve ever sampled the Double Pork Poutine from Smoke’s Poutinerie, it’s quite similar, although the gravy at Smoke’s is a bit better. It was still delicious and life threatening.

 photo 2

Bacon wrapped chicken club: The safe choice, but probably the best. Bacon nation makes a mean bird. The bacon was good, but the chicken was cooked perfectly and stole the show.

photo 1

Canadian Bacon Tacos: I’m going to say something that gives me great shame. Too much bacon. When Carla ordered these neither of us realized that the shell of the taco was a slice of peameal bacon. It was good, but so salty and tough to have more than a couple bites. Kind of a novelty item you’d order just to say you got it.

Bottle of Water: Dehydration is no laughing matter unless you’re Ron Popeil. (Does anyone own a food dehydrator? Are they as amazing as they seem?) This water was cool, crisp, clean and delicious – that’s what I would have said if Carla hadn’t hogged it so much.

Score time!
Bacon Porktine: 345 Quadruple Bypasses out of 460
Bacon Chicken Club: 425 Angry Birds out of 505
Canadian Bacon Tacos: 245 Utah Salt Flats out of 385
Bottle of Water: 1 Thirsty Filipina out of 1

And there you have it. Bacon Nation scores 1016/1351. Very respectable score indeed. We sure know how to pork ’em! Tune in next week for Barrio Coreano’s (aka Playa Cabana) review. Happy double wedding weekend to Nick and Kitzy!

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