Cheese & Chong

Happy Friday everyone! It’s not April 20th… but it is September 26th. AKA 926 AKA nueve veintiseis – which as we all know is the police code in Mexico for smoking medical marijuana in a grilled cheese lounge. Hence in honor of this rebellious holiday Carla and I visited “Get Melted” – Church street’s very own grilled cheeserie/weed lounge.

Due to time constraints this week we had to go at lunchtime during work hours. So I did the ordering for both Carla and I since I know what’s up.

E: “Hey dude, what’s crackin?”
Server: “Um…not much, what can I get you?”
E: “Gonna get a couple of them grilled cheeses, but umm….(looking around suspiciously)…hold the devil’s lettuce.” (wink)
Server: “Huh?”
E: “Yeah man. No ‘Boo Boo Bama’ on my sama if ya dig?
Server: “I hate you.”

As we waited for our food Snarla pretended not to know me while I tried to scavenge off other patrons. I had barely even hit it when our sustenance arrived.

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F**k me!? No fuku!

I apologize for the title, but I just couldn’t resist. If you’re offended at all, then just go read up on the current state of the NFL for ten minutes, then come back and my headline won’t seem so bad after all.

So who’s already guessed where we went? Oh you did, did you? Bet you think you’re pretty smart? Well you know what fuku! Let’s see how many times I can use that same joke in one post. Yeah we went to Momofuku noodle bar.

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Drinkin’ Boots

Happy Friday y’all. Thanks for mosey’in on over to these parts for a l’il look at what we got’ter say. Ugh terrible sentence, sorry about that, I’ll stop. But it did have a purpose. It was to introduce this week’s stop on FLHB.

First off a question: maybe I’m alone in this, but when you watch a Western style movie don’t the bars always look like fantastic places to drink? Lots of tables and big open spaces for playing poker and smashing a chair across someone’s face. That’s part of the reason I was excited to go to “The Local” – a new bar/restaurant in Liberty Village. It has a touch of that ‘saloon’ look to it, and part of me was hoping that a giant bar fight would start so I’d get to throw Carla through a window.

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Beef-fed Grass

I have returned from the promised land…aka Florida. Where 5 beers at a bowling alley will run you about $8.50. Where you can cram your craw with $2 Big Mac’s every Monday. And where the dollar menus flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

However bathing in alcohol and grease for 6 days has its downsides. Who knew? Well apparently Carla…
C: “So Florida was fun?”
E: “It was awesome! Oh man everything’s so cheap there, it’s crazy they-“
C: “-you got fat.”

For this week’s post we gave my waist line a break, and went somewhere a little different. Our selection was especially unique for Carla who was raised on a steady diet of meat in a meat sauce with a side of meat and a nice tall, cool glass of meat to wash it all down.

So we decided to go to the most unhealthy vegan restaurant we could find. Buckle up as FLHB visits The Hogtown Vegan on Bloor.

We got:

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