Drinkin’ Boots

Happy Friday y’all. Thanks for mosey’in on over to these parts for a l’il look at what we got’ter say. Ugh terrible sentence, sorry about that, I’ll stop. But it did have a purpose. It was to introduce this week’s stop on FLHB.

First off a question: maybe I’m alone in this, but when you watch a Western style movie don’t the bars always look like fantastic places to drink? Lots of tables and big open spaces for playing poker and smashing a chair across someone’s face. That’s part of the reason I was excited to go to “The Local” – a new bar/restaurant in Liberty Village. It has a touch of that ‘saloon’ look to it, and part of me was hoping that a giant bar fight would start so I’d get to throw Carla through a window.


Alas it didn’t happen. But we did get food. And we were joined by Carla’s pal Sheena the Queena of Meana (just kidding she’s nice…unlike Snarla), and her pal from the land down under Mark who might have the best job on the planet therefore we should all hate him and say hurtful things like “Go back to Australia!” or “you banged a shark!”

On to the food! But first the drink.


I’m a sucker for anything served in a boot, which explains why I ate somebody’s foot last week. This caesar uses Mexico and Mike Denby’s favorite hot sauce Valentina instead of Tabasco, which gave it a bit more of a sourness. Definitely still good, just not your typical sneezer.


The Tuna Poke was much like a Facebook poke, except not at all. In fact it’s not even pronounced the same way, it’s more like how you would say Pokemon. You gotta throw an accent aigu on there – shout out to all my French immersion homies! RESPECTER QUOI QUOI! Oh yeah the poke…Carla liked it but said it’s better in Hawaii. Bit of an unfair comparison if you ask me but the last time I argued with her she ate everything in my refrigerator including the baking soda.


BlogTO also reviewed this item. Not sure if you’ve heard of them but they’re kind of like our smaller, runtier, sister publication. It was slices of pork belly in hoisin sauce, cabbage slaw and warm scallion pancakes to essentially wrap it all up into a taco. Snarls Barkley and I shared this. I found it pretty unique and delicious. Carla was a fan but probably to a lesser degree.


This one was all me. And let me tell you, The Local makes a mean burger. They press their burgers so they get a crust top and bottom and I was digging it. I think the others at the table were talking about something, but I was just dirty talking the shit out of my burger. The miso mayo made miso happy I ordered it. (Is that racist?)


Mark got this, I asked him what he thought.

E: So how’s the fish and chips
M: Aw too easy!
E: They’re too easy?
M: Ha! Good on ya mate!
E: Good on me?
M: No worries. How ya going?
E: Going where? We’re still eating.
M: She’ll be right.
E: What the fuck is going on right now.
So he ate everything and I can only assume it was good.

Sheena got these and Carla tried them too (obviously). From a completely ocular perspective they looked fantastic and both the gals backed that up with very positive reviews. I then chose to ruin the entire evening with a very unfortunate and poorly timed fish taco joke. Let us never speak of this again.


It’s fun to say Quesadilla like someone from the deep South of the States. Try it out. But pronounce it “kay-sa-dill-a”. “Hmmm…ima get me one of them there kaysadilla’s!” I tried a bite and it was pretty good, but the cheese had a bit of a feta-ey taste to it which you normally don’t come across in a dilla.

Wow…long one today sorry about that. Let’s get straight to the score and let’s do it in the most confusing way possible…FUN WITH FRACTIONS!

Caesar in a boot: 3/4 drinkin boots out of 4/4
Tuna Poke: 7/10 pikachu’s out of 10/10
Crispy Pork Belly: 11/14 Italion scallion’s out of 14/14
Press Burger: 14/17 naughty talkings out of 17/17
Fish ‘n Chips: 7/11 I have no ideas out of 11/11
Baja Fish Tacos: 10/13 fish nuts out of 13/13
Chicken Quesadilla: 5/8 Southern men out of 8/8

Final tally…oh god…ok hold on a sec…carry the 1…is that a tangent…ok the final score is 5.0895/7. Fractions suck. Good score for The Local, I would definitely go back. Happy Friday everyone!


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