Cheese & Chong

Happy Friday everyone! It’s not April 20th… but it is September 26th. AKA 926 AKA nueve veintiseis – which as we all know is the police code in Mexico for smoking medical marijuana in a grilled cheese lounge. Hence in honor of this rebellious holiday Carla and I visited “Get Melted” – Church street’s very own grilled cheeserie/weed lounge.

Due to time constraints this week we had to go at lunchtime during work hours. So I did the ordering for both Carla and I since I know what’s up.

E: “Hey dude, what’s crackin?”
Server: “Um…not much, what can I get you?”
E: “Gonna get a couple of them grilled cheeses, but umm….(looking around suspiciously)…hold the devil’s lettuce.” (wink)
Server: “Huh?”
E: “Yeah man. No ‘Boo Boo Bama’ on my sama if ya dig?
Server: “I hate you.”

As we waited for our food Snarla pretended not to know me while I tried to scavenge off other patrons. I had barely even hit it when our sustenance arrived.

photo 2 copy

Oooohh yeeeeaaaaahhhh. A nice, thick, warm blanket of soupy goodness. As Carla knows I make soup at home on the reg…the only problem is I’m not any good at it. But I think if I could make something like this just once, I’d retire and move to Del Boca Vista.

Triple decker on white bread only because I forgot to ask for the marble rye. Throw in some bacon, turkey, tomato, mayo and cheddar to boot. For the price it was pretty light on cheese and filling. We liked it but without sounding too harsh, it wouldn’t have been too hard to duplicate at home.

Havarti, Gruyère, Mushrooms, Roasted Red Peppers, Onions, Garlic and Arugula all on Marble Rye. Sounds pretty great right? Well…this one had similar issues to the Melt. Super skimpy on the cheese, which wasn’t even melted. I mean why would your restaurant name be Get Melted if your cheese isn’t even………oooohhh…get melted…like with drugs…I get it now. Even still, melt the cheese ok? Cool.

Oh look at that, it’s already time for the score.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup: 17 dime bags out of 20
Club Melt: 16 half quarter’s out of 27
Antipasti: 15 ounces out of 27

That’s a skunky score of just 48/74 for Get Melted. Forgot to mention, a grilled cheese, soup and drink runs you close to 15 bucks. So if you’re going to charge that much…it better get me h-…uhh…full. Yup better get me full. Enjoy the weekend and until next time, always pass left.


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