Jamasian persuasion

OH HAY! Happy Friday everyone – it’s almost the weekend and we all know what that means…two whole days of damp, cold, dark days on the couch, watching your gut creep over your waistband while you try to muster up the energy to shave or pleasure yourself. Don’t pretend like it’s not true.

But last week Carla and I fought back against the winter blues. We decided it was high time for another FLHB post. So Snarls got a strong prying board and managed to wedge me out of my couch groove, then she got me a tub of luke warm water, some Mr. Clean and a rag on a stick so I could bathe myself.

We discussed where to go. I felt we should choose a place that reflected both of our respective cultures. So we chose Patois – a Jamaican Asian fusion restaurant. Oh and I’m going to try and remember to include prices from now on.

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Wing Wars: East vs. West

Chicken wings.

Now upon reading those two words, what kind of emotional or even physical response did I invoke? Many of you probably experienced a salivary response – namely uncontrollable mouth-watering. Others, including myself, may have even felt a tingle deep in their loins. Or maybe you’re like Carla and you just get really angry at me for bringing the memory of their deliciousness to your conscious mind, without the physical reward to back it up.

I’m no scientician, but that’s a pretty powerful food. And last week The Toronto Star just happened to post a video by some food guy on how to make some good ass baked wings. So myself and cockle-doodle-Darla decided, let’s save a little cash this week and see if this guy knows what the hell he’s talking about.

Let the experiment begin:

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