From Carla’s belly to yours, happy holidays and food comas!


Made in Pai-land

Just over 7 years ago I spent a month in Thailand feeding my soul, fending off ladyboys that Julien Favre steered in my direction, and eating more cashew nut chicken than any man (boy) should. I returned with a whole new perspective on ping pong, and an appreciation for Thai cuisine.

You know that annoying traveller who goes on and on about how you’ve never had good pizza until you’ve been to Italy and you just want to take a pepperoni and punch it through their head? Well that’s me! You see it blew my mind that every single little place you’d walk into anywhere in Thailand, could make a dish better than most Thai places here. Why? We have Thai people. We have vegetables. We have 28 days straight of traveller’s diarrhea. I mean spices…we have spices.

However a few months ago Tharla and I went to a little restaurant on the east side called Sukho Thai. And I believe Jerry says it best. Wednesday night was Carla’s birthday, so I used my FLHB influence (thanks Adrian) to get a reservation at their newish sister restaurant on Duncan street, called Pai.

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Gettin’ loaded

Today on FLHB we celebrate Central/Eastern European culture…so let’s start with a completely tasteless Polish joke that I once stumbled across online when I was googling jokes for a roast of my ol’ pal Conor – The Polish Prince.

Q: “Did you hear about the Polish guy who thought his wife was trying to kill him?
A: “On her dressing table he found a bottle of “Polish Remover”.

In terms of stereotypes that kneeslapper¬†really didn’t hold back did it? What a doozy. Now that’s more of a Colin Pearson or Julien Favre type of joke. I’m much more politically correct as you all know. Which is why for FLHB this week, Carla and I pay homage to our Eastern neighbours, with a trip to a hawt, new joint called Loaded Pierogi.

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No Regretto, a trip to Libretto.

“Call me Ishmael.” For I have been chasing my white whale for years. No not Carla…although she’s certainly large, she’s not white so the reference wouldn’t make any sense. No friends, my white whale happens to be a pizza joint at the corner of Dundas and Ossington known as Pizzeria Libretto.

What’s pathetic is that it’s only about a ten minute walk from my home. It’s a location that’s been on FLHB’s radar for a while now, but since Carla isn’t a huge pizza fan (aka she’s a raging psycho), I’ve been forced into a diet that’s high in rice, and low in Grimes. WELL IT’S A NEW DAY CARLA! YOU HEAR ME!? Oh you did hear me? Sorry I’ll keep it down…you’re the best…

Il Cibo: (The food)

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