Gettin’ loaded

Today on FLHB we celebrate Central/Eastern European culture…so let’s start with a completely tasteless Polish joke that I once stumbled across online when I was googling jokes for a roast of my ol’ pal Conor – The Polish Prince.

Q: “Did you hear about the Polish guy who thought his wife was trying to kill him?
A: “On her dressing table he found a bottle of “Polish Remover”.

In terms of stereotypes that kneeslapper really didn’t hold back did it? What a doozy. Now that’s more of a Colin Pearson or Julien Favre type of joke. I’m much more politically correct as you all know. Which is why for FLHB this week, Carla and I pay homage to our Eastern neighbours, with a trip to a hawt, new joint called Loaded Pierogi.


Fun fact, Filipino’s don’t like the cold. Or maybe it’s just Carlapino’s. So if you ever find yourself walking outside in the winter with Snarls, don’t even try and talk to her. That head is down, the hood is up, scarf is wrapped real tight, and the swear words are flying.


DSCF1798 copy

Did we want the butter chicken perogies? Yes of course, but we knew our jackass readers would rip us to shreds for once again falling prey to our Indian mistress. So we branched out. No regrets. You could get your perogies fried or boiled. We went for maximum fatness – aka fried. The perogies themselves were simple but cooked perfectly, nice and creamy on the inside. The portion size was above average (at least 8 perogies we guessed but hard to tell with all that hot mess on top) and they didn’t skimp on chicken.

DSCF1803 copy

Pulled pork, smoked ham, double smoked bacon lardons, chorizo sausage…the only thing that could make that list better is knowing it all came from this sexy swine. The pulled pork was my favorite part with the crispy bacon lardons a close second. I gotta say, 14 bucks for this was well worth it. Carla’s eyes lit up when our server brought it over and I think the poor girl might have even lost a finger in the exchange.

DSCF1806 copy

Waitress: “Any dessert here guys?”
E: “No I think we’re probably okaaaaayyyy…” (looks toward Carla)
C: (Her face)
E: <Sigh> “Yeah sure dessert”

A sweet fluffy cheese filling with chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream on top. I was way too full to have any clue as to whether these actually tasted good or not. So Carla took over and dominated them.


Buffalo Chicken: 1448 he’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack’s out of 1702
Smoking Pig Roast: 1513 excited baby’s out of 1798
Strawberry & Chocolate: 1149 El Nino‘s out of 1478

Tally time. 4110/4978 – a damn good score. Carla wants me to be a bit more picky and I agree that I should be, but we both really liked this place. Nice little spot on the esplanade, the place was packed, the food was good, so give it a shot. Happy Friday, and RIP #4 – truly a legend.


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