What so proudly we inhaled

God Bless America, land that I love. From my endless jaunts to Florida I’ve learned that our neighbours to the South certainly have their flaws – but where else can you bowl for 2 hours straight, drink 5 beers, and eat 3 big macs for a grand total of $18? Nowhere that’s where.

No, Carla and I didn’t go on a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives inspired road trip to the States. That was the original idea but we couldn’t fit my holiday gut into the car. So we did the next best thing and went out for dinner in -19 degree weather. With those fierce climate conditions, our restaurant choice lived up to its name – Home of the Brave. (Nailed it)

Salute the food:

And the pork ribs red glare

This was advertised on the menu as ‘bucket o’ bones’. We were a little caught off guard by the size of the bucket. I mean for $19 bucks you’d expect more than 4 pork ribs, and 1 beef rib. However, the pork ribs were tender, delicious and falling off da bone. The beef rib was pretty tough though – I thought I had scraped it clean but then Carnivorla stepped in for the kill and humiliated me with a primal display of savagery. I had to cover her with my jacket so the other patrons would stop crying.

The tater tots bursting in air

Oh baby these little fellas were just bursting with potato’y goodness! Dusted with some grated cheese and sitting on a layer of gravy, they were delicate but once you got them from skillet to mouth, KABOOM! Like taking a firework to the face they’d explode and leave nothing but mangled teeth and charred tastebuds behind. Good value at $8 bucks.

Gave proof through the night, that our corn-bread was still there

This was CornontheCobla’s favorite dish of the night. I haven’t eaten a ton of cornbread in my life but hands down this was by far the best I’ve ever had. The portion didn’t look huge when it showed up, but looks can be deceiving. The bottom of the plate was smothered in a cheese sauce and chunks of bacon – this cornbread was rich as hell and actually a little spicy. At $8, initially I thought we overpaid, but I was dead wrong. We would have dropped a Johnny Mac on this no problem.

O’er the ice cream we watched, was so gallantly melting

I inherited many gifts from my father. His intolerance to shellfish, an uncommon body position when walking, a love of all things Harvey’s, and best of all, an ice cream fetish. So when Carla and I ordered the “chocolate peanut butter epipen” I started to buzz with expectation. BRRRRRRRPPPPRRRRRRBBBBBRRRRR. That’s me buzzing. Time to call on Jerry again. One of the best ice-cream experiences I’ve ever had. Chocolate soft serve, injected with peanut butter, and rolled in peanuts. This might have been the first time in the history of FLHB I had more than my share of the food. TAKE THAT SNARLA!

The Score:
Ribs: 14 tiny bucket’s out of 20
Tots: 15 crazy potato’s out of 20
Cornbread: 17 tennis legends out of 20
Ice Cream: 10 Big Mel burgers out of 10

Home of the Brave scored high with a 56/70. When our food first showed up, Carla and I were admittedly a little peeved. The portions looked small for the price, and we were both pretty hungry. We figured we’d have to order more. But the food is super rich and very filling. So while originally I had planned to write about how it was too pricy, in the end it really wasn’t because before tip our bill came to $54 which for two people on King street really ain’t too shabby, and everything we got was pretty damn good. Sorry for the late post today, I thought it was Thursday…happy Friday all, see how long it takes you to figure out what’s wrong with this…