I love my Nana

We’re back. For how long? Well that’s not really any of your business and we’ll thank you to stay out of our personal affairs.

The original hiatus was Snarla’s fault. Then once we finally did have the time to start posting again, Snarla was too lazy and would tell me to shut up every time I suggested it. Then I tried to post using my own photos but she found out and broke my camera. What I’m trying to say is that she’s insane and I need someone to please call the authorities.

Anyways, enough about my never-ending nightmare, because on Sunday we went to Nana – sister restaurant to the famous Khao San Road. One of my main road dawgs Palmer had been talking a big game about it so Carla and I went bowling, Turkarla got her first turkey ever, and then it was off to Nana.

Let’s get to the Food:

2013_1121_09224000-2 copy

A pile of deep-fried chicken chunks sprinkled with a variety of citrus’y, chile’y, Thai’y spices. There were a few people who’d gone to Nana before and they all said “get the chicken laab”. Carla responded to those people “don’t tell me what to do”, and then I had to hold her back. I’m telling you she’s not right in the head. But she sure did love this chicken.

2013_1121_09264700-2 copy

A golden curry sauce with egg noodles, sprouts and chunks of  fried chicken. I wish right now my water bottle was filled with Khao Soi broth. I wish the random snowglobe on my desk was filled with Khao Soi so I could smash it on the ground and lap up the puddle. Khao Sarla noted while we ate that I kept sighing everytime I took a bite. It’s perfect and I love it.

2013_1121_09274400-2 copy

If I went back to Nana with someone who had never eaten Thai food before, and I knew they were a picky eater, I’d tell them to order this. It’s like going to Pizza Aiolo, skipping the fancy slices and rockin’ a pepperoni. I believe George Costanza said it best. Delicious and dependable.

Time to tally up the scores. I have a feeling they’re gonna do well:
Chicken Laab: 15 “Carla is nuts” out of 18
Khao Soi: 19 “Call 911, help me!” out of 21
Yellow Curry Beef: 16 “No seriously do it” out of 20

Total score is a very impressive 50/59. If you haven’t been, make sure you check out Nana sometime soon, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see Palmer and his lovely gal pal Michelle. Or maybe you’ll see me in a dunk tank of Khao Soi. Happy Friday to all, we’re happy to be back.