About us

Name: Carla Rimando  •  Sex: Female  •  Height: 4’11”  •  Weight: Alot  •  Race: One of those countries near Thailand  •  Favorite Food: Chicken Wings  •  Favorite Drink: Caesar  •  Favorite By-product: Methane  •  Favorite Restaurant: The kind that has food

About Carla: 
Carla is an experienced art-director, a certified yoga instructor, a photography enthusiast and a burping champion. Yet her real claim to fame is that she has three stomachs. One where it should be, and two in her legs. It’s the only way to explain how such a tiny creature is able to inhale such a large volume of sustenance.
Her other interests include losing her mind everytime she sees a dog, squeezing babies until they squeal, and trying not to tan.

Name: Eric Grimes  •  Sex: Debatable  •  Height: 5’9″ + 1/2″  •  Weight: This  •  Race: Egg-shell white  •  Favorite Food: Pizza  •  Favorite Drink: Children’s tears  •  Favorite Restaurant: The Dog’s Bollocks  •  Favorite Quote: “When you’re having a good time, might as well have a better time.”

About Eric:
Eric is a failed civil engineer turned copywriter. He once wrote a book that earned the praise “it sure is a lot of words” from his mother, and “5 years of engineering school and this is what he does?!” from his father. Eric loves to play sports like hockey, soccer and golf in his spare time, which further cements Carla’s belief that he is “the whitest boy who ever lived.”
His other interests include travelling to places that might accept him for who he is (they never do), surfing because he thinks it makes him seem cool (it doesn’t), and trying not to get sunburnt.

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One comment

  1. hipsterstories · August 8, 2014

    One of the best blog names I’ve seen, very clever


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